Developer Insights

Apple developers share how they approach finding success on the App Store and what they’ve learned along the way.

 Using Subscriptions

Elevate, Dropbox, Calm, and Bumble share how they create great customer experiences by continuing to provide value throughout the subscription lifecycle.

 Responding to Reviews

Tinybop, Zynga, Hopscotch, Tone It Up, 1 Second Everyday, and Pocket share how having a direct dialogue with users on the App Store helps them improve user acquisition and retention.

 App Store Product Page

The people behind Concepts, Grokker, TypeShift, War Dragons, and codeSpark Academy share how they use each metadata element on the App Store product page to encourage users to download their apps.

Super Evil Megacorp Managing a Community

Super Evil Megacorp shares why cultivating an authentic relationship with its community is critical to the success of Vainglory.

Originator Building a Business in the Kids Category

Originator shares how it built a sustainable business in the Kids category with the Endless series of apps.

WRKSHP Marketing a Game at Launch

Indie developer WRKSHP attracted hundreds of thousands of users with limited marketing resources by winning over its most passionate players.

Houzz Creating a Great Commerce Experience

Houzz’s unique approach to monetization focuses on creating the best experience for homeowners and professionals through technology.

3 Minute Games Using the Paid Business Model

3 Minute Games shares why the paid business model made sense for the Lifeline series of games.

Seriously Building a Brand on Social Media

Seriously built a brand for its game, Best Fiends, with a creative approach to social media marketing.

Grailr Bringing CARROT Weather to Apple Watch

In making CARROT Weather for Apple Watch, Grailr started from scratch and evolved both the app and its business model.

Evernote Localizing Evernote for Japan

Evernote began localizing its app for Japan by speaking with Japanese users to learn more about their preferences and culture.

Smule Releasing App Updates

Smule grew a thriving community of loyal users through regular app updates and feature innovations.