Make your apps enterprise ready.

iOS has all the tools to make your apps integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems. Take advantage of iOS features that make your apps secure, easy for IT to manage at any scale, and optimized for corporate networks.


Learn how to build apps that connect with back-end systems and business processes. Access tools and resources to develop powerful apps that integrate with native iOS frameworks and tap into critical business systems.

Create great enterprise apps: A chat with Box’s Aaron Levie

WWDC 2021

Learn how cloud-based apps are helping people transition to collaborating remotely, and techniques that enterprise developers can use to help their organization innovate in challenging situations.

Transform customer experiences.

With the rebuilt Salesforce SDK for iOS, you can create engaging, native apps for iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Optimized for Swift, the SDK brings together the latest in modern programming with powerful developer tools to transform customer experiences.

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Tap into enterprise systems.

Build iOS apps that integrate seamlessly with SAP and enterprise systems with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Learn how to build apps that connect to back-end services, take advantage of iOS technology, and incorporate design best practices.

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Build more intelligent apps.

With IBM Watson Services for Core ML, apps can access powerful Watson capabilities right from iPhone and iPad. Learn how to build apps that provide dynamic, intelligent insights that improve over time.

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Access industrial analytics.

Using the Predix SDK for iOS, you can can build custom iOS apps that connect to industrial analytics from Predix, GE’s industrial Internet of Things platform.


Learn how to take advantage of native iOS management frameworks so your apps can integrate easily with mobile device management (MDM). iOS makes it easy to build your apps so they can be set up and managed by IT at any scale.

Explore what’s new in managing Apple devices

WWDC 2021

Discover the latest advancements in key device management capabilities for your organization or MDM solution. Explore the refreshed device management Settings on iOS and iPadOS, an all-new return to service functionality for macOS, and other updates to device management across Apple platforms.

Take advantage of Managed App Configuration.

iOS provides a native framework that MDM solutions can use to configure apps even after they’ve been deployed. By taking advantage of managed app configuration, you can build apps that employees can start using right away, while also ensuring IT can handle data within apps properly.

Leverage the AppConfig Community to simplify configuration in your apps.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution providers have established a standard schema that all developers can use to support managed app configuration. The AppConfig Community provides tools and resources for you to simplify configuration within your apps.*


Discover how security features built into iOS make your apps secure and ready for work. iOS is designed with advanced technologies to help secure data and distribute apps across the enterprise.

Leverage enterprise identity and authentication

WWDC 2020

Empower your organization with the right tools while protecting privacy and security. Discover Apple’s identity management tools for enterprise, and how they can help you create a smoother experience for users when signing in to devices, apps and websites.

Prepare your apps for App Transport Security.

App Transport Security (ATS) establishes best-practice policies for secure network communications using Apple platforms, employing Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2, forward secrecy, and strong cryptography.

Develop secure apps with Certificate Transparency.

To help ensure your app is connecting to the right server, employ Apple’s certificate trust APIs and Certificate Transparency.


Apps for business rely on the best connectivity available. Whether your iOS apps connect to the cloud, servers on a private network, or even nearby devices, make sure your users get all the data they need right at their fingertips.

Analyze HTTP traffic in Instruments

WWDC 2021

Learn to use the Instruments Network template to record and analyze your app’s HTTP traffic. Explore and visualize the behavior of sessions, tasks, and individual HTTP requests to ensure data is transmitted efficiently and respects people’s privacy.

Support IPv6 networks today.

IPv6 is growing exponentially and carriers worldwide are moving to pure IPv6 APNs. Learn about new tools to test your apps for compatibility and get the information you need to ensure your apps work in all network environments.