Creating artwork and copy for the App Clip card

The system-provided App Clip card is people’s first interaction with your App Clip, so give careful consideration to its imagery and copy.

Be informative. The image on the App Clip card should clearly communicate the features offered by your App Clip, supported tasks, or content.

Prefer photography and graphics. Avoid using a screenshot of your app’s user interface because it’s unlikely to communicate the purpose of your App Clip. Instead, use imagery that helps people understand the App Clip’s value, or a photo of the location of its associated business or point of interest.

Avoid using text. Text in the header image isn’t localizable, can be difficult to read, and can make a card image less aesthetically pleasing.

Adhere to image requirements. Use a 1800x1200 px PNG or JPEG image without transparency.

Use concise copy. An App Clip card requires both a title and a subtitle. Express the purpose of your App Clip clearly within the available space so people can read these at a glance and understand the App Clip’s purpose. Create a title that has no more than 30 characters and a subtitle that has no more than 56 characters.

Pick a verb for the action button that best fits your App Clip. Possible verbs are View, Play, or Open. Pick View for media, or if your App Clip provides informational or educational content. Pick Play for games. Choose Open for all other App Clips.

An App Clip card for a coffee shop app that uses Open as the verb for the action button.

Supported platforms