Editorial guidelines

Referring to Apple products

Adhere to Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks. Apple trademarks should not appear in your app name or imagery. In text, use Apple product names exactly as shown in Apple Trademark List — never make them plural or possessive.

Referring to Apple Pay in text

You can use plain text to promote Apple Pay and indicate that Apple Pay is a payment option.

Capitalize Apple Pay in text as it appears in the Apple Trademark list. Use two words with an uppercase A, an uppercase P, and lowercase for all other letters. Display Apple Pay entirely in uppercase only when doing so is necessary for conforming to an established, typographic interface style, such as in an app that capitalizes all text. For more information, see Apple Trademark List.

Never use the Apple logo to represent the name Apple in text. In the United States, use the registered trademark symbol (®) the first time Apple Pay appears in body text. Don’t include a registered trademark symbol when Apple Pay appears as a selection option during checkout.

Example text
Correct usage Purchase with Apple Pay
Correct usage Purchase with Apple Pay®
Incorrect usage Purchase with ApplePay
Incorrect usage Purchase with  Pay
Incorrect usage Purchase with APPLE PAY

Coordinate the font face and size with your app. Don’t mimic Apple typography. Instead, use text attributes that are consistent with the rest of your app or website.

Don’t translate Apple Pay or any other Apple trademark. Always use Apple trademarks in English, even when they appear within non-English text.

In a payment selection context, you can display a text-only description of Apple Pay only when all payment options have text-only descriptions. If any other payment option description includes an icon or logo, you must use the Apple Pay mark as described in Offering Apple Pay.

When promoting your app’s use of Apple Pay, follow App Store guidelines. Before promoting Apple Pay for your app, refer to the App Store marketing guidelines.

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