Symbols and branding

CareKit uses a variety of built-in symbols to help people understand what they can do in a care app. For example, CareKit can display the phone, messaging, and envelope symbols in a contact view and the clock symbol in a log-style task view.

Although you can customize the default symbols, most view styles work best with the CareKit-provided symbols. The exception is the highly customizable grid-style task view, which can display your custom UI in a grid layout.

In a grid view, you might want to display custom symbols that are relevant to the unique content and experience in your app. You could use symbols to indicate the grouping of tasks; for example, a pill to represent medication tasks, or a person walking to represent exercise tasks. In this scenario, consider using SF Symbols to illustrate custom items in your app.

Using SF Symbols in your app gives you:

  • Designs that coordinate with CareKit's visual design language
  • Support for creating custom symbols to represent the unique content in your app

Design a relevant care symbol. If you need to customize a symbol, be sure the design is closely related to your app or the general concept of health and wellness. Avoid creating a purely decorative symbol or using a corporate logo as a custom symbol.

Incorporate refined, unobtrusive branding. People use CareKit apps to help them achieve their health and wellness goals; they don't want to see advertising. To avoid distracting people from their care plan, subtly incorporate your brand through your app’s use of color and communication style.

Supported platforms