Game Center

The GameKit framework supports Game Center, a social gaming network available for games running in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Players can use Game Center’s centralized service to connect to each other and to access their profile and game-related information across all Game Center games on their devices.

When you integrate Game Center into your game, you can take advantage of its social and multiplayer features without having to develop your own support for them. For example, you can use Game Center functionality to deliver:

  • Beautiful, unique achievements
  • Leaderboards that promote competition and comparison
  • Rich multiplayer experiences

GameKit provides a full-featured UI that makes it easy to present Game Center highlights and experiences in consistent ways within your game. Alternatively, you can use GameKit APIs and Game Center data to present this functionality within your custom UI. For developer guidance, see GameKit.

Supported platforms