Your logo visually identifies your business in Messages and other contexts throughout the system.

Test your logo’s appearance in all contexts. View your logo in the message list, conversation navigation bar, and notifications, and make sure it’s clear and distinct.

Provide your logo in both square and wide variations. Make sure your logo looks great everywhere by creating a separate version for each variation.

Use adequate padding in your logo. Unless your logo has full-bleed elements, it’s best to inset key elements from the edges by 10% of the image’s width and height.

An image of a square business logo, with callouts that point to padding around all edges that measures 10 percent of the logo’s height and width.

Avoid using colors that make it hard for people to perceive your logo. For example, colorblind people might not be able to distinguish some color combinations, and insufficient contrast can cause icons and text to blend with the background and make content hard to read. For guidance, see Color and effects.

Your square logo appears on the contact card for your business, in search results, in the message list view, and in the navigation bar of a conversation if you don’t provide a wide logo.

A screenshot of a square logo left-aligned at the top of a detail view.
Attribute Value
Background Full color
Color space sRGB or P3
Format PNG or JPEG
Layers Flattened
Maximum file size 2MB
Minimum dimensions 1024x1024 px
Padding 10% of the image’s width and height
Resolution @3x
Shape Square canvas
Transparency No

Your wide logo appears in the navigation bar of a conversation.

A partial screenshot of a conversation between a business and a customer that highlights the wide version of the business's logo in the navigation bar.
Attribute Value
Background Transparent
Color space sRGB or P3
Format PNG
Layers Flattened with transparency as appropriate
Maximum file size 2MB
Maximum width 1706 px
Minimum height 256 px
Resolution @3x
Shape Rectangular canvas. Allow transparency to define the logo shape.
Transparency Yes



Supported platforms