Make the most of iPadOS.

iPadOS technologies help you take advantage of the unique functionality of iPad. Powered by the iOS SDK, your iPadOS apps can deliver robust support for multiple windows, effortless drawing and writing with Apple Pencil, seamless virtual reality experiences, and much more.

User interface


With multitasking capabilities, such as Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, users can quickly switch from one app to another using intuitive gestures.

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Drag and drop

Your apps can let users move text, images, and files from one app to another with multitouch APIs. Support drag and drop to let them quickly move content in a way that feels natural.

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Multiple windows

In iPadOS, apps can support multiple windows. For example, users of a document creation app can work on several documents at once, use the app in Split View or in multiple spaces, and even work with multiple apps in Slide Over.

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Dynamic pointer effects and behaviors enhance the experience of using a pointing device with iPad. As the pointing device is used, iPadOS automatically adapts the pointer to the current context, providing rich visual feedback and just the right level of precision needed to enhance productivity and simplify common tasks.

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Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil delivers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, making it great for drawing, sketching, coloring, taking notes, marking up email, and more. Your apps can take advantage of Apple Pencil, which features an intuitive touch surface that supports double-tap gestures. And with PencilKit, the feature-rich drawing and annotation framework, you can easily add a full drawing experience to your app — with access to a canvas, responsive inks, a rich tool palette, and a drawing model in iPadOS.

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Files and folders

Files supports USB drives, SD cards, and file servers. And features like Column View, Quick Actions, and local storage make Files even more powerful. If your app stores and manages user documents, you can implement a File Provider extension to give users access to their content while they’re using other apps.

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Your app can contribute fonts for systemwide use, integrate other contributed fonts, and choose from several system UI fonts offered through the font picker interface.

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Authentication and security

Face ID and Touch ID

These secure ways to unlock, authenticate, and pay let users quickly access your app with just a glance or a touch of their finger. The Secure Enclave, a hardware-based security processor isolated from the rest of the system, encrypts and protects the user’s data.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to pay within your apps and on the web. Users can quickly provide their payment, shipping, and contact information to check out.

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Sign in with Apple

Your users can easily sign in to your apps using their Apple ID. Instead of filling out forms, verifying email addresses, and choosing new passwords, they can use Sign in with Apple to set up an account and start using your app right away.

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Beyond the app

App Clips

Easily discoverable and quick to launch at the moment it’s needed, an App Clip is a small part of your app that lets users start and finish an experience in seconds. And after you’ve demonstrated the value of your app with your App Clip, you can provide the opportunity to download your full app.

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Widgets deliver a small amount of timely, useful information or app-specific functionality. They’re easy to build and make available across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS with the WidgetKit framework and SwiftUI. Users can visit the widget gallery to search, preview sizes, and place widgets anywhere on the Home screen to access important details at a glance. Smart Stacks learn from the user’s daily activity to surface the most relevant widget at just the right time.

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Desktop-class browsing

Safari on iPad supports the latest web standards and automatically configures websites and web apps to touch, delivering a rich browsing experience with blazing-fast performance, industry-leading security, and modern desktop features. Your site or embedded web view can take advantage of powerful features and coding best practices to deliver a best-in-class user experience for iPad.

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Augmented reality

ARKit delivers an incredible awareness of people with the People Occlusion feature that lets AR content realistically pass behind and in front of people in the real world, the ability to integrate human movement into your app, and much more. RealityKit — Appleʼs rendering, animation, physics, and audio engine — can power your AR apps, allowing you to seamlessly integrate virtual objects into the real world.

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Machine learning

With on-device model training and a gallery of curated models, thereʼs never been a better time to take advantage of machine learning. Core ML seamlessly takes advantage of the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine to provide maximum performance and efficiency, and lets you integrate the latest cutting-edge models into your apps.

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Your apps can use SiriKit and Shortcuts to help users get things done with just their voice, intelligent suggestions, or the Shortcuts app. And with Shortcuts on a variety of Apple platforms, your apps can integrate even further.

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Mac Catalyst

Get a head start on creating a native Mac app based on your existing iPad app. Your Mac and iPad apps share the same project and source code, so any changes you make translate to both platforms. And your newly created Mac app runs natively, utilizing the same frameworks, resources, and even runtime environment as apps built just for Mac.

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iPad apps on Mac

iPad apps can run without modification on Apple silicon Macs, opening new possibilities for users and developers alike. These apps can be optimized to work with keyboards, windows, and touch-input gestures by using existing capabilities that are already available to iPad apps.

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ClassKit allows your app to work with Schoolwork — a powerful iPad app for teachers and students to help keep track of assignments and student progress.

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Shared iPad

Deliver personalized app experiences on an iPad shared by multiple users. Store and manage user-specific data from your app in the cloud, so a user can access their information from any device.

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