Using Debugging and Performance Analysis Tools

Xcode provides the tools you need to make sure that your code is correct, performs well, and uses resources appropriately. Learn how to efficiently discover and resolve issues with your app.

Finding and Using Crash Reports

Get the basics on how to use crash reports to identify bugs.

Managing Performance and Memory

Optimizing the performance and memory management of your app ensures a quality experience for users and satisfies App Review Guideline requirements for the App Store and Mac App Store. Get tips on how to tune your app, find memory leaks, and eliminate performance issues.

Debugging Apps That Have Been Submitted or Deployed

To reproduce bugs that appear in the submitted build of your app, use the Archive feature in Xcode to test the exact build of your app that was submitted to the App Store or Mac App Store. Find out more about this and other processes to resolve issues reported by users or App Review.

More Tips and Techniques

Learn about additional tools and advanced debugging techniques.