Building Apps for Education

Learn how to use the latest features on Apple platforms to build and optimize your apps for the classroom.


Reporting student progress with ClassKit

With the ClassKit framework, you can help teachers easily discover specific learning activities in your app, take students directly to the right activity with a single tap, and securely and privately share progress data to help teachers personalize instruction.

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Customizing experiences for Shared iPads

Your app can deliver personalized experiences for each student, even when they share iPads in class. Optimize your app for the Shared iPad feature to save login credentials and states to the keychain, so students can automatically sign in to your app and pick up right where they left off. Find out how to optimize your app and how to let schools know about it.

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Learn how apps and tools on Apple platforms make it easy for teachers to manage devices and educational apps in the classroom, and provide valuable insight into each student’s progress.

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Creating coding experiences with Swift Playgrounds

Education and robotics developers interested in offering text-based coding experiences can create Swift Playground Books for iPad. The Swift Playgrounds app was launched with iOS 10 and is recommended for students 12 years of age or older.

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If you’ve created playgrounds and set up a subscription feed, we’d like to hear from you. Submissions will be considered for promotion in Swift Playgrounds.

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Securing iPads used for assessments

Assessment developers can easily lock down an iPad using the Automatic Assessment Configuration entitlement, with no device management required. Find out how to apply for and implement this entitlement.


Making it easy to set preferences

Most schools use Mobile Device Management to manage their iPads. Your app can work with Mobile Device Management services to allow school administrators to easily set preferences for your app across many devices.

It’s never been easier to put Apple products in the hands of students and teachers. We’ve simplified the set up process so you can enroll everyone in your school quickly, configure devices automatically, and seamlessly buy and distribute apps and books.

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Apple School Manager

All apps on the App Store are automatically available for volume purchase in Apple School Manager, which is where educational institutions download apps for volume distribution. You can offer your apps to educational institutions for a reduced price or identify specific organizations you’d like to let download your app.

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Offer custom apps

You can meet the unique needs of educational institutions by privately offering apps you’ve customized just for them on Apple School Manager. Educational institutions can also use this feature to distribute proprietary apps for internal use.

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You can enable a 50% discount for educational institutions that purchase 20 or more copies of your iOS app or Mac app. Opt your apps in or out of special pricing at any time in App Store Connect.

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