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Deliver fantastic experiences to millions of players worldwide. Apple provides the hardware, graphics, audio, social gaming, and distribution tools you need to create the next generation of games. Bring your creativity to life through captivating gameplay, keep players engaged, and get your game discovered.

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Unified gaming platform

Thanks to the incredible pace of innovation in Metal and Apple silicon, there’s a fundamental shift taking place. Every Apple silicon Mac, every iPad with an M-series chip, and even the latest iPhone 15 Pro can play the type of games that previously required dedicated gaming systems with power-hungry discrete GPUs. These Apple devices create a unified gaming platform across Mac, iPad, and iPhone that’s built with tightly integrated graphics software and a scalable hardware architecture. And every year, this rapidly growing platform delivers new advancements in Apple silicon and Metal to further improve the gaming experience.


Metal powers hardware-accelerated graphics on Apple platforms. Now you can naturally port apps from other platforms with added support for global bindings and extensions to ray tracing. Residency sets let you quickly and easily group resources and manage residency. And it’s even simpler to target Mac, iPad, and iPhone with the same code, thanks to a unified API and shader build process.

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Game Center

Help players discover your game and get excited about coming back to play. Keep players engaged with a variety of capabilities, make it easy for friends to find each other, add screen-sharing or game-streaming features, and more.

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Bring your advanced game to Apple devices

Accelerate your timeline, whether you’re bringing an existing game or one that’s currently in development. With the Game Porting Toolkit 2, it’s never been easier to bring advanced games to Mac, iPad, and iPhone — and to deliver great experiences for players.

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Apple Arcade

We’re looking for games that redefine games.

If you’re working on a groundbreaking, unreleased game and would like it to be considered for Apple Arcade, we’d love to hear from you.

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