Game Center

Bring even more fun and connection to your games with Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network. Game Center lets players build an identity and connect with friends across Apple platforms. You can easily integrate Game Center features, including leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer matchmaking, and real-time play.

A lineup of a MacBook, an iPad, and iPhones, all opened to the Game Center Activity page.

What’s new

Multiplayer improvements. Customize your matchmaking rules in multiplayer matches. For example, you can automatch players based on skill or region for a better multiplayer experience. Additional enhancements improve the speed and reliability of multiplayer matches.

Configuration improvements. Set up and manage achievements and leaderboards more easily with enhanced Game Center tools and APIs.

  • Archive achievements and leaderboards you no longer want to display. (Available now)
  • Configure and manage achievement and leaderboard metadata.
  • Submit score and achievement data directly to Game Center.

Achievement rarity. Players can view the number of other players who’ve unlocked a particular achievement, so they’ll stay motivated and excited about what they’ve accomplished.

Available later this year: submit score and achievement data.

Getting started

To get started, add Game Center as a capability in your Xcode project and configure features in App Store Connect. Then use the GameKit framework to implement the Game Center features you’d like to use in your app.

Learn how to get started

Learn more about Apple Unity plug-ins for Game Center


Discovery & Engagement

Games with Game Center enabled appear in more places across Apple devices and on the App Store in featured placements for Game Center activity. This helps new players find your game through their friends and motivates existing players to keep playing.

App Store. Players can see Game Center and Friends Are Playing sections on the App Store, helping them discover new games their friends are playing.

Widgets. Players can add the Game Center Activity and Continue Playing widgets to their Home Screen to discover Game Center-enabled games their friends are playing and quickly jump into a game.

Notifications. Game Center will send notifications to players when their friends pass their scores – for games that support Game Center leaderboards – to get them back in the action.

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