Updates to App Store server notifications

Updates to App Store server notifications

If you support Family Sharing, you can now receive new App Store server notifications for real-time updates on family member statuses.

  • REVOKE lets you know when to revoke a family member’s access to an auto-renewable subscription or non-consumable in-app purchase. The App Store sends this notification to your server when a purchaser disables Family Sharing for an in-app purchase, the purchaser or family member leaves the family group, or the purchaser asks for and receives a refund.

  • DID_FAIL_TO_RENEW and DID_RECOVER are now sent for each family member when a shared subscription fails to renew due to a billing issue and when it is successfully recovered.

As a reminder, the following deprecated App Store server notification and top-level objects are no longer supported in production as of today. Update your code now to continue providing a seamless user experience.

  • latest_receipt
  • latest_receipt_info
  • latest_expired_receipt
  • latest_expired_receipt_info

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