Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence is the personal intelligence system that puts powerful generative models right at the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and powers incredible new features to help users communicate, work, and express themselves. You can bring these Apple Intelligence features right into your apps.

Writing Tools

Writing Tools are available system-wide, and help users rewrite, proofread, and summarize text. If you’re using any of the standard UI frameworks to render text fields, your app will automatically get the ability to use Writing Tools. And with the TextView delegate API, you can customize how you want your app to behave while writing tools is active — for example, by pausing syncing to avoid conflicts while Apple Intelligence is processing text.

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Image Playground

Image Playground delivers an easy-to-use experience to create fun, playful images in apps like Messages, Notes, Keynote, Pages and more. Using the Image Playground API, you can add the same experience to your app and enable your users to quickly create delightful images using context from within your app. And because images are created entirely on device, you don’t have to develop or host your own models for your users to enjoy creating new images in your app.


Genmoji opens up entirely new ways to communicate, letting users create a new emoji to match any moment. While emoji are represented as text, Genmoji are represented as inline images. If you are using standard UI frameworks to render text fields, you can support Genmoji easily. For other situations, Genmoji are supported using AttributedString, a data type for representing rich text with graphics.

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Siri with App Intents

Siri is more natural, more personal, and more deeply integrated into the system. Apple Intelligence provides Siri with enhanced action capabilities, and developers can take advantage of predefined and pretrained App Intents across a range of domains to not only give Siri the ability to take actions in your app, but to make your app’s actions more discoverable in places like Spotlight, the Shortcuts app, Control Center, and more. SiriKit adopters will benefit from Siri’s enhanced conversational capabilities with no additional work. And with App Entities, Siri can understand content from your app and provide users with information from your app from anywhere in the system.

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Apple Intelligence will be available in an upcoming beta.
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