Gyroscope and accelerometer

On-device gyroscopes and accelerometers can supply data about a device's movement in the physical world.

You can use accelerometer and gyroscope data to enable experiences based on real-time, motion-based information in apps and games that run in iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. tvOS apps can use gyroscope data from the Siri Remote. For developer guidance, see Core Motion.

Best practices

Use motion data only to offer a tangible benefit to people. For example, a fitness app might use the data to provide feedback about people’s activity and general health, and a game might use the data to enhance gameplay. Avoid gathering data simply to have the data.

IMPORTANT If your experience needs to access motion data from a device, you must provide copy that explains why. The first time your app or game tries to access this type of data, the system includes your copy in a permission request, where people can grant or deny access.

Outside of active gameplay, avoid using accelerometers or gyroscopes for the direct manipulation of your interface. Some motion-based gestures may be difficult to replicate precisely, may be physically challenging for some people to perform, and may affect battery usage.

Platform considerations

No additional considerations for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS.

Supported platforms