StoreKit 2

StoreKit provides a simple and secure way to purchase digital goods or services in your apps across all Apple platforms, so people can start playing, gaming, reading, and more, right away. StoreKit 2 uses modern Swift-based APIs that make it easy to deliver great in-app purchase experiences.

What’s new

It’s easier than ever to support in-app purchases and subscriptions with the latest enhancements to StoreKit 2 — including new APIs and additional testing support.

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Designed Swift-first

StoreKit 2 takes advantage of the latest advancements in Swift, including new language features such as Swift concurrency, to simplify how you get product information, merchandise products in your app, handle transactions, and manage access to content and subscriptions.

Swift-based APIs

Swift-based APIs let you easily determine product entitlements and eligibility for offers, quickly get the history of all in-app purchase transactions for your app, find out the latest status of a subscription with one simple check, and more. StoreKit 2 APIs return the same information as the App Store Server API, ensuring you get the latest information about transactions whether calling from your app or server.

Simple and secure transactions

Users make purchases with a secure App Store account using their preferred payment method on file, and deep integrations with Touch ID and Face ID provide a strong layer of privacy and security. In StoreKit 2, transactions are cryptographically signed by the App Store in JSON Web Signature format for increased security and easier parsing of transaction information. And StoreKit 2 automatically makes up-to-date transactions available to your app, whether someone launches it for the first time or downloads it on another device.

Customer support

Provide more seamless support for in-app purchases with new StoreKit 2 APIs that let people request refunds and manage their subscriptions from within your app. And the App Store server API provides additional support options that help you resolve in-app purchase issues quickly and efficiently, such as confirming purchase details during a customer support call and extending the renewal date of a subscription.

Testing support

Take advantage of StoreKit 2 and test your apps in Xcode and the App Store sandbox environment to ensure that all of the new features work seamlessly.

Resources and documentation

Use Xcode 13 and later and these resources to build in-app purchases with StoreKit 2.

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