Tap into cutting-edge Apple technologies.

iOS makes it easy to build amazing, modern apps for business. By tapping into powerful features in iOS, you can create engaging apps that transform workflows, inform business decisions, and boost employee productivity.

Start with incredible design.

Great business apps are designed to create engaging, immersive experiences. Developing an app that’s responsive and easy to use means considering all aspects of design, including display sizes and device orientation. By properly leveraging accessibility APIs, you can make your apps work for every user.


Build adaptive interfaces to ensure a great user experience for any display size or device orientation.

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By taking advantage of iPad multitasking, users can work across two apps at the same time.

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Leverage accessibility APIs to make your enterprise apps seamlessly functional across a broad range of users.

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Take advantage of the hardware.

Native apps are built for the device and take full advantage of the power of iOS. These apps leverage the CPU to run even the most complex data, and they tap into the latest interface technologies and sensors to provide the experience users expect.

3D Touch

3D Touch helps users perform essential tasks more quickly and intuitively on iPhone, like adding an item to a checklist or starting a new message with a single press.

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Apple Pencil

By leveraging support built into iPad Pro for Apple Pencil, your apps let users annotate, sketch, and collaborate in entirely new ways.

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Motion Sensors

Built-in sensors can be applied to a wide variety of business use cases, even unexpected applications like using motion sensors to track issues with equipment in the field.

Allow users to seamlessly work across devices.

With technologies like Handoff and AirPlay, apps can function easily across devices, allowing users to be more productive. Users can present wirelessly from their device or start a task on one device and easily continue on another device.


With Handoff, users can start an activity on one device then move to another, seamlessly picking up where they left off.

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Support AirPlay so users can wirelessly present and share content from iPhone or iPad to any high-definition TV with Apple TV.

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Extend the functionality of your apps across iOS.

Your apps can now extend their reach across iOS to provide even more engaging functionality. Depending on the extension that your apps tap into, users can share documents easily between apps, access content using just their voice, and access VoIP calls just as they would on the Phone app.


Extend your app’s functionality and content across iOS, so users can exchange data and documents between apps.

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CallKit lets your VoIP app integrate seamlessly with the native Phone UI.

Universal Links

Seamlessly support navigation to content deep within your app from Siri, Search, or links within other apps.

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SiriKit lets your app work with Siri, so users can get things done using just their voice.

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