Implementing Apple Pay

Discover how to set up your developer account to support Apple Pay, verify that transactions are completed successfully, and make sure your implementation of Apple Pay follows guidelines for apps and the web.

Build your app and website.

Developer Account Setup

Learn about the identifiers and certificates in your Apple Developer account that are needed to implement Apple Pay for apps and websites. If you're supporting Apple Pay in your app and website, we recommend using the same Merchant ID and certificate for both. Contact your payment service provider to confirm any additional transaction requirements applicable to your region.

Setting up Apple Pay Requirements

Configuring Your Environment to Support Apple Pay on Your Website

Apple Pay for Apps

Get APIs for payment sheet interactions, authorization, updates, errors, and more.

Learn about the Apple Pay API

Apple Pay on the Web

Safari supports two JavaScript APIs that let you accept Apple pay payments from customers on your website.

Learn about the JavaScript APIs

Adding an Apple Pay Button in AR Quick Look

Apple Pay order tracking

Allow customers to track their orders in Wallet.

Learn about the order tracking API

Apple Pay in Messages

Allow customers to pay quickly and easily with Apple Pay in an iMessage app or directly in a Messages for Business session.

Learn about the Messages Framework

Learn about supporting Apple Pay in Messages for Business

Learn about the PKPaymentAuthorizationController

Integrate, test, and verify.

E-Commerce Platforms and Payment Service Providers

The most popular e-commerce platforms and payment service providers support Apple Pay within apps and on the web. Use an Apple Pay SDK from a payment service provider to integrate Apple Pay in your app or website.

View e-commerce platforms and payment providers

Apple Pay Web Merchant Registration API

Approved e-commerce platform and payment service providers can use the Apple Pay Web Merchant Registration API, along with their merchant IDs, to register and unregister their merchants’ websites for Apple Pay.

Learn more about the API

Request access to the API

Sandbox Testing

The Apple Pay sandbox environment allows you test your implementation of Apple Pay with test credit and debit cards.

Learn about sandbox testing

Check the guidelines.

App Review Guidelines

Before submitting your app for review, make sure it follows these guidelines to help progress smoothly through the review process.

Read the guidelines

Apple pay on the Web Acceptable Use Guidelines

Before deploying Apple Pay on your website, make sure your implementation follows these guidelines.

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