Introducing Apple Pay Merchant Tokens

Your apps and websites that offer Apple Pay can now take advantage of Apple Pay merchant tokens that enable secure payments consistently across a user’s devices and the updated Apple Pay payment sheet in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS 13 to optimize your preauthorized payment experiences.

iPhone showing an Apple Pay confirmation screen for a monthly subscription.

Optimize your preauthorized payment experiences

New transaction types in the Payment Request API let you fine-tune the payment sheet experience for subscriptions, recurring bills, installment payments, and automatic reloads of card balances.

Flexible amount

Handle recurring payments for services where price varies based on consumption, such as a utility bill, or for a subscription with a promotional price for the first month.

Flexible frequency

Handle recurring payments for services where the frequency is inconsistent or the customer has a choice to vary the frequency.

Flexible frequency and amount

Handle recurring payments for services where the customer can vary the frequency and amount of services received. For example, a meal delivery service with high flexibility.

Fixed frequency and amount

Handle recurring payments at a regular frequency and with a fixed amount. For example, a monthly gym membership.


Let customers make multiple payments over a short period of time.

Auto reload

Let customers opt in to automatically add funds to their card balances when their balance is below a certain threshold.

Maintain payment information continuity over time

In addition to device-specific payment tokens used to securely complete a single Apple Pay transaction, you can now use Apple Pay merchant tokens to securely complete automatic reload or recurring payments independent of a device. This allows for continuity across multiple devices. For example, if someone upgrades to a new iPhone, their payment information will be managed through a merchant token and remain active if they remove a card from their old device.

These tokens are also designed to help prevent or resolve billing issues by giving visibility into important payment lifecycle updates, such as account status, bank card art, and card expiration date.

Provide more information during checkout

You can now include billing details, terms and conditions, and more in the Apple Pay payment sheet. These new fields are designed to let people review essential information before completing the Apple Pay transaction, potentially helping decrease cart abandonment and increase overall conversion rates.

Link to your app or website from Wallet

Apple Wallet now provides a new interface that lets customers easily go to their account within a merchant’s app or website. With the updated Payment Request API, you can provide a service URL used in Apple Wallet for ongoing engagement with customers.

Documentation and guidelines

Integrate these seamless Apple Pay experiences into your apps and websites using the updated Payment Request API for recurring payments.