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About Sign in with Apple

Use Sign in with Apple to allow users to set up an account and sign in to your apps and associated websites with their Apple ID. Get started by enabling your app’s App ID with the Sign in with Apple capability.

If you’re enabling an App ID for the first time or for a new app, enable the App ID as a primary. You can use primary App IDs on their own or to enable identifiers for related apps and websites through grouping.

To enable an App ID for a related app, (for example, an App ID for the iOS version of your Mac app), group it with the existing primary. This is helpful if your app has versions for multiple Apple platforms or the web that you want to enable with Sign in with Apple. App IDs that are enabled by grouping with an existing primary cannot be used to enable additional identifiers through grouping. You’ll need to ungroup the App ID and enable it as a primary.

You can manage App IDs by editing your App ID configurations in Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Alternatively, you can use Xcode to enable the Sign in with Apple capability.

Required role: Account Holder or Admin.