Supported capabilities (watchOS)

The capabilities available to a watchOS app depend on your program membership.

Note: For the watchOS app target, the capabilities available are app groups and background modes, and don’t depend on your program membership.




Apple Developer

Access WiFi information

App groups

Apple Pay

AutoFill credential provider

Associated domains

Background modes

Communication Notifications

Data protection

Game Center


HealthKit Estimate Recalibration

HLS Interstitial Previews


Hotspot configuration

iCloud: CloudKit

iCloud: iCloud documents

iCloud: iCloud key-value storage

In-App Purchase

Keychain sharing

Low Latency HLS


Push notifications

Shallow Depth and Pressure

Sign in with Apple


Time Sensitive Notifications


ADP: Apple Developer Program membership. Members of this paid program can distribute apps on the App Store.

ADEP: Apple Developer Enterprise Program membership. Members of this paid program can distribute apps to employees within an organization.

Apple Developer: Apple ID holders who have agreed to the Apple Developer Agreement to access certain resources on the Apple Developer website. No cost is associated with this agreement and developers cannot distribute apps.


If you aren’t a member of the Apple Developer Program, you can use the MapKit framework but you can’t provide routing directions. The ability to upload geolocation files in App Store Connect is only included with membership in the Apple Developer Program.