Supported capabilities (macOS)

The capabilities available to a macOS provisioning profile depend on your program membership and signing certificate.



Developer ID

Apple Developer

App groups

App Sandbox

Apple Pay

Associated domains

AutoFill credential provider


Communication Notifications

Custom Network Protocol

DriverKit Family MIDI *

FileProvider Testing Mode *

FSKit Module

Game Center

Hardened runtime

Head Pose

HLS Interstitial Previews


iCloud: CloudKit

iCloud: iCloud documents

iCloud: iCloud key-value storage

In-App Purchase

Keychain sharing

Low Latency HLS

Managed App Installation UI


Matter Allow Setup Payload

MDM Managed Associated Domains

Media Extension Format Reader

Media Extension Video Decoder

Messages Collaboration

Network extensions

Personal VPN

Push notifications

Sensitive Content Analysis

Shared with You

Sign in with Apple

Spatial Audio Profile

System Extension

Time Sensitive Notifications



ADP: Apple Developer Program membership. Members of this paid program can distribute apps on the App Store.

Developer ID: macOS apps signed with a Developer ID certificate.

Apple Developer: Apple ID holders who have agreed to the Apple Developer Agreement to access certain resources on the Apple Developer website. No cost is associated with this agreement and developers cannot distribute apps.


If you aren’t a member of the Apple Developer Program, you can use the MapKit framework but not provide routing directions. The ability to upload geolocation files in App Store Connect is only included with Apple Developer Program membership.

* Development only