WWDR intermediate certificates

To help protect customers and developers, we require that all third-party apps, Apple Wallet passes, Safari Extensions, Safari Push Notifications, and App Store purchase receipts are signed by a trusted certificate authority. The Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority issues the certificates you use to sign your software for Apple devices, allowing our systems to confirm that your software is delivered to users as intended and hasn’t been modified.

The Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Intermediate Certificate expired on February 7, 2023, and a renewed version is set to expire on February 20, 2030. During this rotation, we issued additional intermediate certificates to help improve Certificate Revocation List (CRL) performance and segment the purpose of different certificates. The following table helps outline the current active WWDR Intermediate Certificates and their associated leaf certificates.

Intermediate version

Primary usecase

Associated certificates


ECDSA signing for Apple Pay

Apple Pay Payment Processing


Software signing and services

Apple Development, Apple Distribution, iOS Development, iOS Distribution, Mac Development, Mac App Distribution, Mac Installer Distribution, Swift Package Collection, Merchant Identity


Features supported by Apple Push Notification service

Pass Type ID, Pass Type ID with NFC, Apple Push Notification service SSL, Order Type ID, Website Push ID, WatchKit Services, VoIP Services


App Store Signing and Services

Apple Managed certificates


ECDSA Signing - Software and Services

Swift signing


App Store Receipt signing

Apple Managed certificates

WWDR Intermediate Certificates are available on the Apple PKI website and are automatically installed by eligible Xcode versions if supported by software signing.