Manage provisioning profiles

Create a DriverKit development provisioning profile

In iPadOS 16 or later, you can develop drivers that run on iPadOS and macOS using DriverKit. The DriverKit development provisioning profile enables Xcode to easily provision your DriverKit extension for both platforms to support testing. Your bundle ID must have a DriverKit entitlement enabled to be eligible for a DriverKit development provisioning profile.

Note: To meet the signing requirements for release candidate apps, continue to use platform-specific provisioning profiles for distribution. If you’re using Xcode Automatic Signing, the appropriate provisioning profile type will be selected for the requested distribution type.

Required role: Account Holder or Admin

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Profiles in the sidebar, then click the add button (+) on the top left.
  2. Under Development, select DriverKit development, then click Continue.
  3. Select the App ID you want to use for development, then click Continue.

    Only App IDs enabled with DriverKit entitlements are eligible for this provisioning profile type.

  4. Select one or more development certificates, then click Continue.
  5. Select one or more devices, then click Continue.
  6. Enter a profile name, then click Generate.
  7. Click Download.