Update your app

Overview of maintaining an app

After you publish your app on the App Store, you perform a number of tasks to respond to customer feedback and to maintain your app throughout its lifetime. You can perform these tasks in any order.

Monitor customer reviews, sales, and analytics

You can read and respond to reviews in the App Store tab. To better understand how your app is doing, you can view sales and trends and view app analytics, such as crashes, sessions, and active users.

Download catalog reports

If you have several apps in your account, generate catalog reports that detail the information and settings for all your organization’s apps, including in-app purchase, and metadata for Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Create a new version

When you’re ready to distribute a new build of your app, you create a new version using the same app record as your previous version. You can update the metadata for the new app version and add a description of the new features. The new version is available for free to customers who purchased a previous version.

Change pricing and availability

You can change the price, schedule price changes, and change the countries or regions for your app at any time. Scheduling price changes is useful for promotions that have start and end dates.

Remove an app

If you no longer want your app to be available to customers, you can remove it from the App Store, which removes all versions of the app.