Transfer an app

Accept an app transfer

You must accept the transfer within 60 days of its initiation.

Required role: Account Holder. View role permissions.

  1. Sign in to App Store Connect.

    A notice indicates that an app is ready to be transferred.

  2. Go to the Business section of App Store Connect. An app transfer alert will display in the Agreements section.

  3. Under App Transfers on the right, click Review.

  4. Enter the new metadata:

    • Support URL

    • Marketing URL (required if the app previously had a marketing URL)

    • Privacy policy URL (required if the app previously had a privacy policy URL)

    • CCATS (a new CCATS form is required for apps that use export compliance)

    • App Review contact information

    • App Store contact information

  5. In the User Access section, indicate whether you want to give all users on your App Store Connect team access to the app or limit access to just Admin and Finance roles. Once the transfer is complete, you can limit access to specific people.

  6. In the App privacy section, if the previous owner already disclosed what data the app collects and how it may be used, review the privacy details they entered by clicking View Existing Details. If you choose to delete the existing responses or if the previous owner of the app didn’t disclose what data the app collects and how it may be used, complete the App privacy section before submitting a new app version.

  7. Read the terms, select “I have read and agree to the agreement presented above,” then click Accept.

It can take up to two business days for the app transfer to complete, during which the app status is Processing App Transfer.

While the app is in this state, the transferor can’t edit the app metadata, rights, pricing, or in-app purchases. Any open App Review communications are closed. If the app is part of a Game Center group, you can’t make changes to the group.

When the transfer is complete, both Account Holders are notified and the app no longer appears in the transferor’s App Store Connect account.

You can cancel an app transfer in Business while it's still in the Waiting for Recipient state. In the App Transfers section, click Review. Then, on the App Transfer page, click Decline. The transferor can also cancel the transfer.