TestFlight tester information

The following tester data can be used for filtering, if available. If a tester accepts an invitation through a public link, their email address and name aren't visible to you.




The tester's first and last name as entered by you when you invited them to test the app using their email address. If they were invited with a public link, their name isn't shared with you and will appear as Anonymous.


The email address with which you invited the tester to test the app. This may or may not be the same as the Apple ID associated with their device. If they were invited with a public link, their email address isn’t available.


The method in which testers were enrolled in your app, by public link or email invitation.


The status of the tester invitation: Invited, Accepted, or Installed. This status is refreshed when they accept or install a beta build.


The groups in which you've included this tester.

App version

The most recent version and build that the tester has access to.


The model of the tester's device where your app is installed. If a tester has installed the app on multiple devices, the table displays the most recently updated device. You can filter by all Device.


The OS installed on the device.

Device Platform

The device platform that the tester is using.

Time range

The time range for sessions, crashes, and feedback captured for the tester.


The number of times the tester used a beta build in a given time range.


The number of crashes per beta build for a given time range.


The amount of screenshot feedback the tester has shared in the given time range.