Role permissions

The tasks you are able to perform depends on your user role. The Account Holder can access all aspects of App Store Connect and the Apple Developer website, and is the only user that can sign legal agreements, renew membership, request access to the App Store Connect API, remove auto-renewable subscriptions from sale, submit Safari Extensions, or create developer ID certificates.

Members of an organization’s team in the Apple Developer Program also have access to membership resources on the Apple Developer website and other membership benefits. Users who have been given access to App Store Connect by an individual enrolled in the Apple Developer Program only have access to App Store Connect.



Account Holder

The person who completes program enrollment is assigned the Account Holder role. This user is responsible for entering into legal agreements with Apple.


Serves as a secondary contact for teams and has many of the same responsibilities as the Account Holder. Admins have access to all apps. If the Admin is part of an organization team, they have Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles by default.


Manages financial information, including downloading reports and uploading tax forms. They can view all apps in Payments and Financial Reports, Sales and Trends, and App Analytics.

App Manager

Manages all aspects of an app, such as pricing, App Store information, and app development and delivery.


Manages development and delivery of an app.


Manages marketing materials and promotional artwork. They’ll be contacted by Apple if your app is considered for featuring on the App Store.


Analyzes sales, downloads, and other analytics for an app.

Customer Support

Analyzes and responds to customer reviews on the App Store.

Learn which roles have access to specific functionality within App Store Connect.