Distributing apps in the European Union

Create a marketplace app

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, or App Manager. View role permissions.

In order to create and distribute an alternative app marketplace, you need to meet all of the criteria and be approved for the Alternative App Marketplace Entitlement (EU).

Keep in mind the following:

  • A marketplace app must have a new iOS app record in App Store Connect. Follow the steps to add a new app.

  • You need to provide a unique marketplace token to each iOS developer to be able to distribute their apps.

  • A marketplace app can only be distributed from a website you own. You’ll need to add your website using the App Store Connect API.

  • When your marketplace app is ready, submit it for review. The app will be marked as eligible only for distribution on your website.

Note: You can use TestFlight internal testing to test your marketplace app. TestFlight external testing isn’t available for marketplace apps.