Monitor ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews overview

Ratings and reviews on the App Store

Customers can rate your app on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. They can also write a review for your iOS and macOS apps, but not your tvOS apps. When a customer edits their rating or review, the most recent change will display on your App Store product page. If a customer submits a new rating or review, the existing customer review is replaced.

Your App Store product page displays a single summary rating for your app for each country or region of the App Store, as well as individual customer ratings and reviews. iOS apps that use the WatchKit or Messages frameworks share the same rating across the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage.

View ratings and reviews

You can view all customer ratings and reviews from the App Store directly in App Store Connect. You can view the summary rating for specific countries or regions. The country or region for a rating is the App Store country or region where the customer originally purchased the app. You can also view individual reviews of your app on the App Store.

Respond to reviews

For iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps on the App Store, you can respond to customer reviews. When you respond to a customer review, the customer is notified of your response and has the option to update their review. If you edit your response multiple times within a short period of time (for example, to correct a typo), customers will only be notified once that you've edited your response. If a customer that you respond to changes their review on the App Store, App Store Connect users with the Admin or Customer Support role that have access to the app and have set their user notifications accordingly receive a notification.

Your response will remain publicly visible on your App Store product page regardless of edits made by the customer to their own review, unless you edit a response or delete a response. You can edit your response at any time and only one response per review will display on your App Store product page.

All ratings, reviews, and responses are publicly viewable on your App Store product page and, therefore, your responses should be appropriate for a public audience. If you believe a review is offensive or inappropriate, report a concern.

Reset app rating

You can reset your app’s rating when you release a new version on the App Store. Your App Store product page will display a message on your App Store product page stating that the app's summary rating was recently reset. This message will be displayed until enough customers have rated the new version and a new summary rating appears.

Learn how to retrieve customer reviews and manage your responses to customer reviews with the App Store Connect API.