View App Analytics

View in-app event metrics

App Analytics helps you understand how in-app events contribute to your app’s acquisition, user engagement, and monetization. With App Analytics, you can understand key performance metrics such as how many users are discovering your in-app events on the App Store, how successful your in-app events were at getting users to download your app, as well as how engaged users remain with your app over time.

When a user discovers your in-app event on the App Store, an Event Impression is counted. If they already have your app installed, clicking on a link to your app from the event will count as an App Open. Users can also choose to be reminded just before your event starts. App Analytics counts how many times users tap on those notifications bringing them to your in-app event.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, Finance, or Sales. View role permissions.

To view in-app event metrics:

  1. From App Analytics, select the app associated with your in-app event.

  2. Click the Acquisition tab.

  3. In the top menu bar, click In-App Events.

  4. Click an event name in the list to display an overview page of key metrics about your in-app event. An overview of your event's performance includes how many times your event was viewed, the total number of app downloads from your event, retention, and more.