User notifications

Users may receive a user notification for events that happen in their App Store Connect account such as an app being approved for sale or an agreement expiring. The types of user notifications are:



Applicable user roles

App Status Reports

Provides email alerts when an app changes state.

Account Holder, Admin, App Manager, Developer, Marketing

App Analytics Weekly Email Summary

Provides an email summarizing App Analytics data for the week for the top apps.

Account Holder, Admin, Sales, Finance


Provides email alerts with agreement status updates. Examples are agreement expiration warnings or requests for more information from you to complete your agreement setup.

Account Holder

Developer Response

Provides email alerts when a customer edits a review you’ve responded to.

Account Holder, Admin, Customer Support

Financial Report

Provides email alerts when finance reports are available for download in App Store Connect.

Account Holder, Admin, Finance


Provides email alerts when a payment to your bank is returned. Visit Resolve a returned payment error.

Account Holder, Admin, Finance