Provide tax information

Provide Canada tax information

If you’re based in Canada, you’re required to submit your Canadian GST/HST number (and QST number if based in Quebec). In accordance with Canadian law, your remittances for sales on the App Store in Canada will be reduced by the applicable Canadian GST/HST and QST/PST on Apple’s commission. A tax credit may be available for GST and QST. Apple will issue you a tax on commission invoice on a monthly basis, available in App Store Connect.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, or Finance. View role permissions.

Submit Canadian tax information

  1. From the home page, click Business.

    Business icon
  2. On the Agreements tab, find the Tax Forms section, then click Add Tax Info.

  3. If you’ve previously submitted tax information to Apple, click Update Information.

  4. Complete the required information based on your region.

  5. Verify that the information you entered is correct, then click Submit.

Your certification will complete Part 4 of the Quebec Form FP-2506-V, or part D of GST/HST Form 506. Apple will complete Part 5 or Part E respectively, and make the form available for you to download for your records.

Download tax on commission invoice

  1. From the home page, click Payments and Financial Reports.

  2. Select the fiscal month for the reports you want to download.

  3. On the top right, click Create Reports.

  4. Select Canada VAT on Commission from the menu.

  5. Click Create Reports. A status bar shows progress as the reports are created.

  6. When the reports are ready, a download link appears. Click Download Reports.

  7. Unzip the compressed GZIP (.gz) file by opening it or using a utility.

Submit tax information if you’re registered in Canada, but based elsewhere

If you’re based outside of Canada, but registered in Canada, send either of the following forms to Apple:

  • GST506

  • Quebec Form FP 2506-V

Note that email is the preferred method.


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