Provide tax information

Provide Thailand tax information

If you’re based in Thailand, you’re required to submit Thailand tax information to Apple. Optionally, you can submit a value-added tax (VAT) registration number, as well.

You're not required to submit a VAT registration number if you’re not registered for VAT in Thailand, but if you don't provide it, your proceeds for sales on the App Store in Thailand will be reduced by a 7% value-added tax (VAT) on Apple’s commission. The tax will appear on your tax on commission invoice in the Payments and Financial Reports section on App Store Connect. If you choose to submit a VAT registration number, you won't be subject to this tax.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, or Finance. View role permissions.

Submit Thailand tax information

  1. From the home page, click Business.

  2. Click on your legal entity name.

  3. On the Agreements tab, find the Tax Forms section, then click Add Tax Info.

  4. You’ll be asked if you have a Thailand VAT registration number. Select Yes or No.

    • If you select No, you’ll be returned to the Agreements page, and your Thailand tax form will be considered complete. You can add a VAT registration number to this form anytime in the future.

    • If you select Yes, enter your VAT registration number.

  5. Verify that the information you entered is correct, then click Submit.

Download tax on commission invoice

  1. From the home page, click Payments and Financial Reports.

  2. On the top right, click Create Reports.

  3. Select the fiscal month for the reports you want to download.

  4. Select Thailand VAT on Commission from the menu.

  5. Click Create Reports. A status bar shows progress as the reports are created.

  6. When the reports are ready, a download link appears. Click Download Reports.

  7. Unzip the compressed GZIP (.gz) file by opening it or using a utility.